Post-Brexit Visas for Ireland

After Brexit, UK nationals living in Ireland will still be able to enjoy their existing rights and privileges under the Common Travel Area agreement. They will not require any additional documentation under the Withdrawal Agreement to continue living, working, and accessing public services in Ireland. However, separate arrangements have been made for non-EEA family members and dependents of UK nationals. These individuals can still live, work, or study in Ireland under their existing residence rights but will need to exchange their current valid Irish Residence Permit (IRP) Card for a new one. The card exchange program will be administered by the Immigration Service of the Department of Justice, and applications will be processed through an online renewal system. Applicants will need to confirm that they were exercising EU Treaty Rights to reside in Ireland on or before Brexit and continue to do so. Applications will be accepted until New Year’s Eve, and applications received before the end of the Brexit transition period will continue to be processed. For UK nationals who come to Ireland after Brexit and want to bring non-EEA family members, a new scheme will be introduced.

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